so much to share…

whoops, got behind again…but…I got the job!! I got a call Thurs, they wanted to hire me and started Friday. So I have been working for just over 2 weeks. Hence the lack of posts, so this will be a random sharing of highlights.

These past week of work has mostly been learning and adjusting. They are pleased with how quickly I am learning and it seems it will be a very busy job. It is a small office and everybody is pretty busy so keeps to themselves, for the most part. In between phone ringing and orders we get in a comment here or there, but mostly on my own. Sitting at a computer desk all day is another adjustment for me. I can’t say this is my favorite job I’ve ever worked, but at this point I am really, really enjoying the pay every week.

I recently got an email from RunKeeper explaining how you can manually enter runs (treadmill, ellpitcal, etc.). This is very exciting for me! I have been running in the mornings and just keep track on a calendar, now I have it on with my other runs. My goal this week is to get back into weights. I did them once and a half last week. I also joined a 10K training program and am looking forward to running with other people.


Yesterday was 2 miles and was easy for me so I helped to motivate another runner. But I need to work on myself as it gets further.

Facetiming with Reese yesterday was the highlight of my last two weeks. I miss him so very much!! I also think I got an I Love You out of him, which I know everyone has been working on.


I have tried 3 different ways to get to work. Riding my beach crusier, walking (not recommended but co-workers) and driving. Fastest is probably bike at least there since its downhill, coming home is another story. My leg shakes it hurts so good.

We just completed week 4 of Insanity! HUGE deal! We have not ever made it to even 2 weeks. I modify the exercise to what I can do and dont do as much jumping as they suggest. Can’t say I notice much change in my body other than the fact that I can do more reps or make it through the whole video.

Between the double workouts, and eating healthy (mostly) had a sweet week, but planning to get back on track. And getting more protein with Luna bars and protein shakes (not the same day), I should really start to see some changes.

I am really excited for Valentine’s Day this year. I made some Trail mix to mail to my brothers and got B a gift and had some gifts sent to our parents. Mostly heathlier items this year.  B is going to make dinner for me which rarely happens. And I am going to make cupcakes for work. They like when I bring baked goods 🙂

Well, hopefully I can stick with blogging and reporting on my foods/weight goals/etc.

After I do laundry on weekend, I put together outfits and hang them in my closet so getting ready in the morning is easy. Here is a few I have come up with…

Most of my clothes are either Target, Kohls, or Old Navy. I don’t own many work clothes so have to mix and match, though had a great shopping trip at Old Navy last weekend.



1 of 3

So, I got a call back from that interview and they had me come in again today.

They told me I was one of three poentials for the job.

Their downside/worry of me is I haven’t been in the area very long and since I moved because of my boyfriend, they are afraid I will not stay. I totally understand they want someone who sticks around, that is a good concern to have, but really you have no idea what will happen in the long run. I was reassured by B last night that we have no plans to leave yet and I did share that on the interview but who knows what can happen…Other than that I qualify for the job!

Should know by later today or tomorrow.  Aunt Dora comes today so doing some last minute cleaning (and they fixing our sink) so just killing time until I need to go pick her up.


Strange, I had a rash break out yesterday afternoon. Im not sure what it was from, but trying to avoid all the food I ate yesterday. Its still here and slightly itchy.  Its happened before, but very rarely.

Fairly good weekend

Well, this weekend was okay.

Friday I did end up going for a run. yay for me 3.68 miles, so not too bad.

We stuck with our plan and did insanity that evening too, though it was still really hard. I ended up taping my feet for my run (with red duck tape).

It helped some for the run, but not for insanity.

Saturday we went to the mall and ran some errands. Then got lunch (not clean), but used a gift card. Then did our grocery shopping before coming home and doing our insanity workout.

Sunday was spent doing prep. It took me almost all day. I walk over to the store to get a few remaining things.

In between these events I was working on the menu, figuring out a calories for B (luckily myfitnesspal does it for me, but I still need to constantly track it), and making sure there was enough of them for him. This sure is a lot of work! Especially for 2 people. If it was just one it may not be so bad, but for both of us. Yep! Fun stuff!  Also calculated how much each meal cost us. So broke down the money we spent and the how many meals and got the amount…drum roll…$2.57 per meal. I think that is not too bad. It doesn’t include the money spent on the meals out, but I was just trying to show B that although our grocery bill seems high, it is still better than eating out every meal.

I am supposed to be cleaning right now since we have a guest coming on Wednesday but I am less than motivated.

I am however very happy a couple of good things happened today.

One. B got up and we went for a run in the morning. I have been trying to get him to go with me and preferably in the morning before work. It was nice. I will admit I was a lil pissed that he ditched me in the beginning, but I ended up ditching him some in the end and it sped up my time so really can’t be too pissed.

Two. I had an interview with a job that would be ideal. Really hoping it works out though.

Greys anatomy has me caught me now. I put something on to have sound on…and got distracted. Darn. I was so good at limiting the tv all weekend too! Really need to find background sounds to help me.

Well week 2 of clean eating and insanity. Here we go!!!

Not a good way to start the day…

Well, this is no fun!

I woke up around 3 AM. 3:03 to be exact with a slight headache. I kept hoping it would go away, but no such luck. I finally got up and took something for it but wasn’t able to go to back to sleep.

I didn’t want to wake B with my tossing and turning so I came to the living room where I laid on the couch in the dark trying to find the source of the headache. I did have a tender spot in my neck so worked on it for awhile, did some neck stretches and even used the back massagers we have sitting in the corner (which hardly gets used). I am just hoping it is a release from last night. I must admit I am not sore today, maybe my arms still a lil but really not too bad!

I must say my headache is gone for the moment and not sure if its because meds kicked in or Ive drank enough water or what…whatever the reason Im hoping it stays away. Bad part, I’ve been up for quite a while already. I wonder how this day will turn out. Luckily its Friday and really don’t have any place to be. I do need to return a phone call regarding a job (not sure if its one I want).

Today was supposed to be a run day. I know just a couple of days ago I had said I was going to take it easier this week, but I kinda feel like I want to go run this morning! I will have to wait and see what the weather looks like once the sun is up.

Hope Friday has good things in store. Also just found out we will be having company next week and I am so excited about it! Only one night, but still, I love having people visit!

Yesterday was a bummer surprise

Well, after my 3 hr nap I had figured I was all caught up (yes I guess I wasn’t joking when I said I was going back to bed). Turns out the nap was for another reason. Bummer being a girl sometimes! 🙂

So needless to say yesterday I was feeling pretty blah. It was a cold and very rainy day (2-4 inches predicted, snow too).

I did make lunch plans with Kendra so got dressed to go meet her. We went to Cafe Monte and lil French place. I ordered a salad-strawberry, almond, mixed green, apricot vinaigrette and added Salmon. Kendra also ordered a salad and added chicken salad with hers per our servers favorite. (I didn’t take pics of lunch, but they were pretty). However, they did forget to bring my salmon out until server came by and realized it.

After lunch we shared a almond chocolate croissant and wandered around the strip mall seeing what kind of stores were there. We decided it was chilly (it didn’t happen to be raining at that time) so was calling it a day. That and I wasn’t feelin too great.

So I came home and put on my jammies and was a lazy bum. I will admit, I did not turn on the tv. But I did find out next week is restaurant week, which makes me kindof excited. I hope we get to particpate. Some 100 or so restaurants do a $30 fixed menu of 3 or more courses. You just have to pick a place you want to try and make reservations. Good way to sample their food at a fraction of the price for some places. They have the menus posted online so I spent some time looking at that. I know what your thinking…thats not clean eating. And. Already on week 2. Well, hey, why not? Some of these restaurants Im sure we would not go to on a regular basis and some I would love to try. You gotta live life and I like to to do it through food. We can still eat clean the other meals!

I got the veggies prepped for dinner and waited for B to get home. When he got home he could tell I wasn’t feeling so hot and said we could skip work out. I simply told him its not allowed! So, I changed my clothes and we did our Insanity workout!!

It was HARD! Pure Cardio and it really pushes you. We both had a hard time with it, but it went by quickly. Afterwards we had our tasty clean dinner. Meatballs (mini meatloaf recipe from he & she eat clean, just made them smaller) roasted parsnip & carrot strips, bread, & red quinoa.

I was proud of myself for pushing through and still doing workout! Even more so for finishing with a good sweat.

We watched an episode of Homeland and even B said Im only watching 1 eposide tonight! 🙂 good for him!!!

It iss My Amazing Mom’s birthday today and she received her gift from us kids. A fitbit! I told her to call me when she gets a chance and I will help her get it set up. She tried to facetime me but her phone went dead, so its on the agenda for tomorrow!

Later I foam rolled, which hurts so good. And took an epsom salt bath since I was feeling a lil sore. And made sure to drink A LOT of water to replenish and help flush out toxins.

kicked my…arms

Well, the soreness has finally kicked in. Mostly in my arms or shoulder areas.

I attempted to go to the gym yesterday and do elliptical and weight machines, well. I did 10 mins on the elliptical to warm up which really kicked my booty, even though I didn’t go too hard. Then I attempted weight machines, thats where it got really hard, and I was really tired. Actually yawning while trying to do reps. So needless to say I didn’t get in nearly the workout I wanted to, but…I also don’t want to overdo it the first week.

I ended up coming back to the apartment, and hula hooping then had a protein filled snack and took a restie again (still adjusting to time difference, it takes me sooo long. In fact, Im thinking of going to back to bed after this.)

They are working on redoing the floors upstairs and it is so loud, it actually shook the wine glasses in the cupboard at one point. Hopefully they will be done with the section above our apartment soon.

B text me and said he was on his way home, so I had dinner all ready to go, got the dvd set up and waited for him to get home.

We made it through day 2. Again with challenges. The basketball jump I took it really easy on because that is the one that usually bothers me, and my body was all over tired so it was really really hard to get started and of course the bottom of my foot was bothering me. B had issues because we were supposed to be doing lots of push up type exercises and his shoulder is still a lil messed up from his mountain biking crash. Luckily it seemed to go by quickly and we mostly completed day 2!

For dinner, I ended up baking the tilapia in parchment with lemon slices, dried basil, pepper, lil garlic, & olive oil. We also had roasted sweet potato cubes, steamed broccoli, whole wheat bread, & brown rice.  I actually ate all of mine I was so hungry!


I have decided the gas and bloating was not from the protein drink, because I had issues with it yesterday too. Hoping it is just my body adjusting to food changes.

Well I opted out of running this morning (supposed to be treadmill work), instead I will probably do wii exercise and let my body relax some. I do still plan to keep up with running and weights, but this may all be too much too fast. Going to slow down just a bit, at least this week. Also its a rainy week so don’t feel too bad about it.

This menu planner & calorie counting is hard work. I can only imagine it will get easier, but trying to track it for yourself and someone else and make sure you both have plenty of clean, healthy food with protein at each meal. Whew! I only have 2 weeks planned so far, so need to work on a couple more and hope that by then we will have a better feel for what the calorie intake should be and what needs to be on our plate at each meal. I feel like I put a lot of time into this every day and it is somewhat exahusting, but well worth it!

one day down

Well I successfully completed first day of workout/clean eating routine. I must admit it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. And best part is, Im not hurtin today. Well, not sure if thats good or bad?

I ran 3.7 miles yesterday late morning, 20 mins. of stretching, hula hoop for 20 mins, then quick shower. Went to target and healthy home market to pick up a couple more clean eating essentials.

Then came home, and hm…what did I do yesterday afternoon…oh, I had some lunch, took a short restie, made a salad to go with dinner and then, sat down and played on the computer.

When B got home we did insanity and I popped dinner in the oven just before we started. It was a 45 min routine and I had fitbit track the activity. It says I burned 237 calories, which not sure if thats correct or not. But fine with me! 🙂 I really want to get my watch with heart rate monitor fixed but need to take it to a watch shop (or so the directions say).

Insanity was not too bad. I skipped out on a couple of activities because I heard a pop in my knee and didn’t want to injure myself the first day. And toward the end my face was sweaty and my glasses kept sliding off so I couldn’t see what we were supposed to be doing so kinda slacked there too. To be completely honest we really couldn’t finish the last few exercises, but did the final streching(very important). But Im okay with that. We did work hard the rest of the time, and I was somewhat impressed I was able to keep going when B had to stop. Yay for running!!!

Dinner was ready right after we cooled off (its 75 degrees in our apt) and B rinsed off, he probably had a lb of sweat on his wicking shirt! We started watching Homeland while eating dinner. I only watched 1.5 episodes though because I am trying to cut back on tv and had things I wanted to do, like epsom salt soak(which could have helped with soreness today). There was actually a couple of times yesterday when I thought about turning it on but decided against it. We shall see how long this lasts, sometimes I just like background noise.


Quinoa (red) & ground turkey stuffed peppers


Tomato, Cucumber, & Green Pepper-Simple salad I threw together to add with dinner


Easieest way to eat pepper-chopped up (with a lil mustard) Salad over spinach

B approved of clean dinner, however, I found out this morning we were still short on calories for him. He was surprised since he felt like he ate a lot. So trying today to sneak in a few more here and there. I actually should have eaten a lil more as well.

I tried the veggie protein shake I ordered yesterday after run. I liked the taste, slightly chalky but not bad at all.


Scoop was much bigger than I imagined. I did drink it out of measuring cup too 🙂

Im not sure how I feel about it just yet though. I did get a lil tummy ache after and was gasy and bloated the afternoon which didn’t make for a fun insanity routine. But I will definitely try it again, maybe eat something with it so it isn’t the only thing in my stomach. And it really could have been anything I ate yesterday to give me gas and bloated feeling, the bloat feeling happens often. I was very pleased that I was almost at the correct % for food ratio. 24% protein, 28% fat, 48% carb! should be 25,25, 50. So close!

So today. Today is a weight/gym day. I got up early again with intention of going and still trying to get B to go. He didn’t get up, so I did the same as yesterday, made breakfast, packed his lunch, started his coffee but he got up to finish is, and figure out his calorie intake for yesterday.  Again, since I have no real places to be I don’t necessarily need to go at a certain time, plus I know it wont be busy when I go (not sure how it is early in the morn). Tonight we have insanity again, day 2.

Alright well, I think I need to get my butt in gear. Going to do some cleaning around the apartment, work on menu for following week, and go to gym before its snack time. Also I believe there is a facetime with nephew sometime today!